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Intricate Decoration Conveys Elegance

Archiman, a men’s skincare brand from France, has recently worked with RPC M&H Plastics to produce their packaging in the form of flexible tubes.

M&H advised and guided Archiman through the entire packaging process, from choosing the style of packaging, right up to what closure orifice size they would need to ensure a consistent application of product when in use and eliminate any chance of leakage.

Each flexible tube features an intricate decoration pattern that M&H was able to print, in-house, thanks to its one-stop-shop facilities.

Karine and Stéphanie Coccellato said the decoration is designed to let the user of the product imagine what he wishes with numerous different images woven into the intricate designs. It was imperative that the decoration was consistent and clear.

RPC M&H Plastics has a history of assisting creative entrepreneurs with packaging their new products, then growing with their packaging needs to meet the increasing demand and success of their product.

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