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Department Overview



In the standard blowmoulding process a warm plastic parison (hollow tube) is placed between the two halves of a mould cavity and air pressure forces the plastic into the precise shape of the cavity.

RPC M&H Plastics has over 60 blowmoulding machines creating bottles up to 1000ml from PE, PP, PVC and PETG materials. With the large number of standard machines, the company has excellent production flexibility. For example, several slightly different types of bottle can be run in parallel for shorter lead times.

Injection Stretch Blowmoulding

In this process a plastic preformed PET component is formed by injection moulding on the machine. This preform is then stretched and blown into the container shape using a separate mould.

PET bottles and jars are noted for their glass-like clarity, strength and barrier properties that preserve the product’s quality, protect against damage and display the contents superbly. RPC M&H Plastics has over 20 injection stretch blowmoulding machines.

Injection moulding

In injection moulding molten plastic is forced from a heated cylinder under pressure into a cavity of a confined mould. The part is then cooled, solidified and removed.

RPC M&H Plastics has over 70 injection moulding machines. A large range of standard and custom moulded caps and closures are available in COPP, PP, PE, SAN and BDS. The company can supply jars and containers in SAN and PP, in single or double wall, with capacities from 2ml to 1400ml.

Flexible Tubes

RPC M&H Plastics has state-of-the-art lines to create exactly the tubes you require. Together these lines can make and decorate up to three-quarters of a million tubes a week whilst continuing to achieve ever more demanding quality standards.

The company offers a complete decoration service that includes offset printing, silkscreen printing, hot foil blocking and labelling. 2010 saw the addition of a new tube line to increase manufacturing capacity. This new facility offers Co-Extruded tubes, enhanced graphics through upgraded print capabilities as well as tamper evident features. This additional tube line further strengthened our wide range of packaging options available and provides improved lead time for our customers as well as key product differentiators.

Sales & Marketing

RPC M&H Plastics has a large in-house sales and marketing team based at Beccles and in the USA. In addition we are supported by a worldwide network of agents.

Roles within the department include senior sales managers, customer service managers who are the principal point of contact with the customer, and export sales managers who liaise with our agents and overseas distributors. In addition there is a marketing team who handle all internal and external advertising and promotional communications including sampling of products to customers.

Product Design & Engineering

RPC M&H Plastics has a dedicated in-house design team which includes highly experienced design engineers. We offer a custom moulding service for exclusive designs of bottles, caps and jars and can also design and manufacture other plastic moulded components for other industry sectors.

The company has CAD/CAM design facilities and can produce initial concepts through to full technical tool drawings. We can also prototype and model new shapes so that the customer can see and feel the real model before committing to tooling. Then the in-house toolmaking team engineers the moulds. Our project managers take care of the whole process from concept through to final completion including decoration.


HR – Supporting managers and staff in all employments areas, including recruitment, training, performance management and absence management.

Purchasing – Involved with all external spend within the business, ranging from raw materials to machine equipment and contract services.

Finance РSupports the business dealing with all aspects of the company’s finance, accounting, payroll, budgeting and credit control functions.

Planning & Distribution – Supports Sales & Production by co-ordinating production programmes and ensuring delivery on time in full to customers.